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Gas Line Installation and Repairing

Natural gas is a cheap and efficient way to power our appliances. Gas stove, water heater, and furnace all operated by natural gas, thus making it a vital part of our home. Utility companies supply this gas to residential and commercial space pipes that are buried deep in the earth. Over time these gas lines corrode, which makes them prone to cracks and breaks. A standard gas used in residential dwellings is natural gas. Natural gas is not only flammable but toxic which if not handled by a professional can be disastrous.

When most people think of plumbing system, they think of water flowing through their pipes. This only half part of the plumbing system. The natural gas that powers appliances and heats, homes is part of the plumbing system – and one that needs to be carefully maintained!

So how do you know if your gas line needs a replacement? A general rule of thumb is. If you upgrade your appliance, make an addition to your home or switching from oil to gas you should replace your pipes. Also if you’re frequently repairing your gas line, then it is time to have it replaced and save some money. 24ActionPlumbing have skilled license technicians that service and install gas line safely. We have advanced technology to detect leaks and provide reliable solutions.

How to Detect a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are dangerous because we cannot smell it. If you notice any of the following do not turn on any appliance or attempt to fix the gas line yourself call a professional for a fast emergency repair.

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